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concrete pouring

What is a concrete skip?

A concrete skip is an attachment that connects to your excavator's quick hitch. It allows you to pour concrete where you need it, when you need it. Most importantly, a concrete skip makes you self reliant and saves you loads of money.

How do they work?


Attach your skip using your excavator's quick hitch.


Fill your skip directly from a concrete truck.


Track or swing over to the right spot and pour your concrete.

Why would I want one?

You take control of when your pour your concrete.

No longer will you be at the mercy of the weather or concrete pump availability - a concrete skip makes you self sufficient.

It's makes your pricing more competitive.

When pricing a job, with a concrete skip you are not factoring in concrete pumps. This gives you a huge price advantage and makes you much more competitive, especially on the bigger jobs.

To beat a site with difficult access.

If you've got no truck access, at best, a concrete pump will allow you to reach only 80 meters away. With a concrete skip you can pour concrete wherever you can get your excavator.

You'll save on labour.

All you need is one groundsman and one operator.

Use the concrete mix you want, not one that suits a pump.

Concrete mixes for pumps are more expensive - when pouring with a skip the mix you use does not matter at all.

Chris Sewter

Managing Director - Ground Structures

For us there is no going back. With our concrete skips the guys can get on with pours and the need for concrete pumping has nearly entirely been eliminated. Over the last year we have saved $110,000.

Pricing guide

Machine size

Price estimate (excludes GST & freight) **

Under 2 tonne


2 - 4.5 tonne

$1250.00 - $1700.00

5 - 8 tonne

$1750.00 - $2200.00

10 to 15 tonne

$2250.00 - $2600.00

15 to 23 tonne

$2600.00 - $3000.00

24 to 35 tonne

$3000.00 - $3600.00

Over 35 tonne


**Note that all prices displayed on this website serve as an indicative estimate only. Actual pricing is calculated using a number of factors including machine weight, quick hitch style, and pin size. To get a personalised quote for your situation, just fill out the form below.


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